Medical Massage Therapy

Medical Massage TherapyMassage Therapy is no longer just an indulgence, but a necessity. Science has proven that massage therapy used on a continual basis offers tremendous health benefits to the client. Besides relieving muscle spasms, pain and tension, improving circulation which increases metabolism, balancing blood pressure, lymphatic flow and seratonin levels, it boosts the immune system and reduces stress hormones such as Cortisol, helping depression and anxiety.

Tiffany Field, Ph.D., who started the Touch Research Institute in Miami and Paris has completed over 100 studies showing how massage has helped many conditions and disease's.

Not only can massage relieve muscle spasms, pain and tension, you will find that massage alleviates repetitive motion pain, back strain, headaches and fatigue. Also lowers blood glucose levels in diabetic children (up to 40 points).

Your Medical Massage Therapist can help you benefit from massage in areas such as Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Diabetes, Insomnia, PMS and Menopause, Stress and Anxiety.
Alzheimer's Massage
30 min./60 min.   -   $40/$70

Besides improving circulation, reducing muscular tension, minor aches and pain and inducing the relaxation response, massage for the Alzheimer's patient helps mental stimulation, gives social interaction, sensory and tactile stimulation, nurturing and a means of communicating with a non verbal, and reassures the confused.

Anxiety/Depression Massage
75 min.   -   $80

Using Visualization and guided imagery you will relax in your ultimate place where the endorphins will flow through your body increasing the feeling of pleasure and helping you to cope with life's stresses. Good to have between sessions with your Psychologist or Doctor.

Cancer Massage
60 min.   -   $65

Light massage keeps blood and lymph circulating. Touch reduces the body's level of glucocorticolds and cortisol (stress hormones). Massage increases white blood cells, t-cells, lymphocytes,, and natural killer cells. Only to be done by a trained therapist and Doctors OK.

Fibromyalgia Massage
60 min.   -   $70

The ongoing pain from fibromyalgia is physically limiting and demoralizing and leads to affective disorders and social reduction. Specific Trigger Points are treated and the release of endorphins helps the patient.

Injury Massage
30 min./60 min.*   -   $40/$75

Specific massages as taught by Ben Benjamin, Ph.D. in Injury Massage to help relieve injury. *60 minutes incorporates injury with Swedish.

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